2022 iPhone SE 3rd Gen Review

Apple’s 2022 refresh of their most affordable iPhone, the iPhone SE 3rd Gen, starts at $429. It’s the iPhone for budget-conscious shoppers who prefer smaller phones or those who prefer Touch ID to Face ID. It sports an A15 processor just like the more expensive iPhone 13 models and it has sub6 5G. The design is similar to the last gen 2020 model, with a Touch ID button on the front, 4.7” LCD display with P3 color gamut and glass backs in your choice of black, white or Product Red. The…


  1. This week I bought a customer return almost new iPhone SE 2020 for £229. It does a similarly good job as the iPhone SE 2022. I do not need 5G because it is unavailable in most of the places that I visit.

  2. Years back, I was android user and while i was looking for compact phone I bought SE 1st Gen. I loved its design and since then i broke 2 SE and now this is my 3rd one. I skipped 2nd because of its design. Now i have to skip 3rd too. Probably buy 13mini someday. But SE 1st Gen is working just fine, getting updates(15.4.1 currently). Using it for basic use and so far I can’t see myself buying any other phone.

  3. I upgraded to this phone from an iPhone 6 because it is the last phone made with fingerprint ID. I absolutely despise face recognition and would rather do without a phone if I had to get one of those. The newer SE is not much different than the 6 I had but at least I know it won’t go out of date on updates.

  4. Not buying iPhone SE2022 because it does not come with a charger. Apple is really stingy every year .
    Maybe next year or so, you need to buy iPhone battery separately because battery is not included.

  5. Madam, I think Apple care about kids and for them Apple is still making SE and Samsung s21re5g a lot better with snap888 and flagship cameras.

  6. I'm keeping with my iPhone 8 Plus as long as I can. I still love the media-friendly, notch-free 16:9 screen and as one of the 10% who can't use OLED screens due to PWM, I may look at this SE in a year or two.

  7. This phone is perfect for me. I have the iPhone 7 Plus and has become so slow and the screen is damaged. I use my iPad most of the time to watch videos. Also these big phones drag down my shorts and it’s better for when I run. I can touch everything on the screen without stressing my fingers. With the new chip, it’s going to make everything faster. I love the Touch ID . I think the Face ID can get gimmicky and at night time it’s difficult to login. Definitely purchasing the red one. Thanks for the review.

  8. One odd, but welcome, thing I found with this new iPhone SE 3 is that it works fine with my MagSafe charger and has some magnetic connection. Not enough to hold when lifted, but enough to know you've achieved a positive connection to the charger. There must be some type of small magnet in the phone, even though not proper MagSafe. Of course, it also charges fine with any Qi wireless charger.

  9. They can keep oled I’m sick and tired of hearing about oled iPhones that was a dumb move by apple cause they have bad issues with burn in so I stay away from them nowadays cause my Samsung galaxy A51 5g got burn in within a year of having it, a $500 phone when it came out too. Not happy about that. So this iPhone not having oled is a god send to me and the 256 gb option of storage compared to my A51’s 128 is better as well. I was gonna get a iPhone 11 for the bigger screen but with a A13 chip to Se 3’s A15 it was a no brainer which one to get and the fact you can’t get 256 gb storage with a regular iPhone 11 so I got a red SE 3 instead. I like it’s lcd not oled. Won’t have to worry about burn in at least like you do with oled and not lcd as much.

  10. Lisa, you lied to me! The 2022 iPhone SE doe’s indeed support wireless Qi charging. It does not support apples MagSafe. Lol I think this is the first slip up I’ve caught in the many years I’ve watched your channel 🙂 keep up the awesome work!

  11. Hey Lisa thanks for the good review… One thing to remember about the SE line it drops in price way quicker than any of the other iPhones the iPhone SE two dropped like 43% in used market compare to like say the iPhone 11 . That’s not the same isn’t a good little phone I’m just pointing out something that’s different about this iPhone compared to other iPhones I had the SE two is really good phone but the resale value used wasn’t very good but if you plan on keeping this phone a long time I guess it won’t really matter.

  12. It's been ages since youtube recommended me one of your videos, I got worried you might have stopped doing them and came to see

  13. It is beyond m how in the world this praise on the screen is possible. It is not even 1080p and that in 2022. LCD with bad viewing angles. Every 300€/$ phone with AMOLED can beat it hands down and gives you even 120 Hz or at least 90 Hz refresh rate. Besides the powerful processor it is the exact same hardware from 2 years ago and even 2 years ago it was outdated.
    So objectively it is one of the worst price per performance ratio ever. You get basically 90% at least 2+ years old hardware that has almost nothing for its goind besides the compact design. But in all honestyl a 12 Mini for roughly the same price is a way way better device if it needs to be Apple

  14. Most reviews are for the enthusiasts, some say for gadgeteers that prioritize performance and neweness over practicality.
    But there are millions that need communication, access tot news and ocazional din and memories.
    So, instead of comparing to iPhone 13 mini it would be better to compare to SE lineup. That will make more sense..

  15. Looking forward to seeing you do some case reviews for this, since it’s identical to my iPhone 8. One would hope that because this phone is being made new, that they would be a Mophie Juice pack air around in some local stores but I haven’t seen one in about a year and a half. So hopefully.

    I will probably get this S E3 in about a year if my iPhone 8 drastically slows down which I hope it doesn’t because I have a new battery in it

    I found iWorld for the price in Canada and it is C$569 and a whopping $110 more if you want 128 GB!!! This is interesting because it’s only $50 increments for the US model and price going up a storage segment, but still worth it I think

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