[2 Ways] How To Backup iPhone to External Hard Drive (Windows & Mac) 2022

If you don’t have enough iCloud storage or don’t wanna take up your computer space to save backups, you can choose to back up your iPhone to the external hard drive. In this video, we will show you 2 methods, please keep watching! Free download AnyTrans here:

It’s vital to back up your iPhone data regularly. Once you…


  1. I want to take my iphone 11 back up directly in the external hard drive. Not want to copy from windows to hard drive. Directly iphone to hard drive. Provide me video link bro. Available?

  2. is it possible for my apps to be hacked using app download or transfer to PC ??

    side note : i pressed allow from my iphone which showed a different location than where i am , its was in app download and update

    plz help

  3. I used the content to pc option. Then i tried copying all of those files to my external hard from my pc. Once i plugged my external hard drive in later to view those files that i had copied from my computer, the folder was corrupt and none of the files that i had copied were there. What should i do?

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