15 Actual iPhone TRICKS You Didn't Know EXISTED !

iPhone tricks you didn’t know existed. iOS 15 has a lot of hidden tricks and secret features that are very useful. In this video you can find 15 iPhone tips and tricks you probably didn’t know existed on iOS 15.

Get more out of your iOS 15 device by utilizing these hidden iOS 15 tips and tricks. Some of these might also work on lower iOS versions


👉iOS 15 Official Review:

👉Improve iOS 15 Battery Life:



  1. I cannot find playback in my settings, even used search for “playback” and “cross fade”. I have a 13PM, and my IOS is 15.1.1. Am I missing something, because I would like to boost my Spotify, and any other music apps (if more music apps use this). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  2. The problem with live photo wallpapers is that for whatever reason, once it starts moving, the resolution falls drastically and there’s an animation before it starts, unlike the stock ones that go from static to moving seamlessly and with no drop in quality

  3. the late night EQ doesnt just make things louder. it just raises the volume of quieter sounds. but it is a dangerous thing to do esp with headphones, due to quieter sounds being mixed that way on purpose, and has a much greater chance at damaging your hearing and or destroying your speakers. i wouldnt suggest doing so, esp for car audio as well. if you want to tune your music tune it from the head unit in the car itself due to conflicting crossovers and frequencies if done from the phone. very easy way to blow your speakers as well. just a friendly FYI

  4. Thanks for this. Can you please tell me how to move the date and time lower down the screen like you have it? I have seen videos on YT which say the iphone does not allow this. Thanks.

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