100 Days with the iPhone 13 Pro Max | Still Worth $1100?

Hope everyone is having a great day! I wanted to create a video highlighting the iPhone 13 pro max and how I have been using it over the past 100 days! Hopefully, you enjoy

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  1. I use a Magsafe Battery Pack 24/7 and that lasts me 1.5 days with my c usual usage. I then just swap to another battery pack when that is empty. These sort of features not on Android are what makes the iPhone experience for me so much better. I have no interest in icon packs and gaps between icons that Android channels claim is vital and why Android is better! Knowing I have six years support, MagSafe, best performance, least heat, longest battery, best video, Top 3 photos at a price that is around the best from Android makes the iPhone the de facto choice for me.

    I do carry an Android so I can keep abreast but my current Pixel 6 Pro is a big letdown with soo many bugs and issues that I shall try and return it as unfit if the Jan update (when that comes) does not fix it. The iPhone 13 Pro Max was the best phone of 2021 without doubt, but sadly 80% of channels and consumers are Android so it remains a Legend with iPhone users but not acknowledged in the wider audience.

  2. I would recommend the 13 pro max if you a pro user in the market for a new phone right now, but for most people it will be a waste of money too many extra features most people would never use. I would go with the 13 12 or 11. I would go with an 11 if you do not care about having one of the best displays and I would go with 12 if you do, tbh I would probably skip the 13 unless you want the newest phone. The 13 pro max is a beast and an amazing phone for anyone but it is more meant for pro users.

  3. I’m like you. 11 Pro Max to 13 Pro Max. I honestly didn’t think I’d like it half as much as I do. Speed, screen and don’t even get me started on the unbeatable battery. I’ve got it down to 20% less than 20 times! iPhone users you know how rare that’s been before

  4. I recommend you not use the hdr for video, cause tbh it makes the video quality look tacky basically like just turning brightness contrast and everything up 100%. Like it just keeps the video portion 100 brightness and the other areas of the screen dark.

  5. I got the iPhone 13 Pro Max as my first iPhone, and it’s the best phone experience I’ve had thus far! I don’t even worry about battery life anymore, and Love the size. It maybe costly, but it was worth the price to me. I appreciate this tech that Apple has created!

  6. I've had my 13 Pro Max 256 for the same amount of time and this phone is absolutely a beast. I upgraded from a XS Max so I know that's a big leap. Battery life if phenomenal and it doesn't get hot as my XS max when gaming. The 120 Hz refresh is nice to have but not as noticeable on the phone as it is on my iPad Pro 12.9. The screen is definitely brighter and easier to see outdoors in bright light. It took me awhile to get used to the squared sides versus the rounded sides of the XS Max, but I think this makes it less likely to slide out of my hand.

  7. My favorite thing about my 13 Pro Max is the 120hz screen. It makes scrolling through news on apps like Newsify so much nicer. But my gripe is the phone is now kind of large to carry around in my pocket for some shorts/pants. I find myself leaving it on my desk more.

  8. I’m the guy that keeps waiting for the next year to upgrade. This iPhone 7 Plus isn’t what it used to be so Idk if I can hold off until the 14. I’m tempted for the 13 mini. What’s the talk about it?

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