10 Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone COULD DO !

Things you didn’t know your iPhone could do. Hidden features and tricks you can find on your iPhone on iOS 15 that you probably didn’t know existed.

Cool things your iPhone can do and you didn’t know about. You can find a lot of hidden features on the iPhone which are very useful and most people don’t even know they exist.


👉iPhone TRICKS You Didn’t Know EXISTED:

👉Get FREE WiFi Anywhere on iPhone:

👉iOS 15…


  1. Re: Screen shot full page in email.
    This doesn't work for me and I have an iPhone 13 Pro with latest iOS . When I take a screen shot anywhere other than Chrome I don't get the "Screen" "Full Page" options, just the option to save the single page to photos or files. However, there is a partial workaround. With NO printer available, press the "Reply" button, scroll down to "Print", press "Print" from the dialogue and then "Save to Files"

    I am not sure why I have this problem. I can do it on my iPad with the same iOS (15.2). I am assuming I need to set a switch somewhere but I can't find anything on the web. It could be one of those opaque irritating things that Apple often do.

    If anyone knows why I can't Full Page screen shot from iPhone, please tell me

  2. Thanks for the great info – i hope you can help with a question that
    nobody has been able to help – i have arthritis in my fingers, and it is
    very difficult to squeeze the 2 side buttons simultaneously to turn off
    the phone and then turn it back on in order to reboot the phone every
    few days – and i was wondering if there are any tricks or special
    features where i can reboot the phone without squeezing those 2 buttons
    or use Siri to reboot the phone?

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