10 iPhone features you'll actually use! iOS 16 tips & tricks!

10 iPhone features to make using your iPhone much easier!

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  1. 3:42 — №11. No need to scroll heavily through lists/pages when there is a thin scroll bar on the right edge that you can grab and quickly "drop" up or down.

  2. Good tips, but It would be nice if you didn't go through those steps so fast. I had to pause and replay multiple times to figure out what you did for step 7.

  3. i liked them all
    all 10 of them
    i think the text enlarge on the map , i was glad for this one
    im wondering about the icons for businesses on the map is there a away to enlarge them ?
    cause even when i zoom on one it gets smaller

  4. A small sidenote, for picking up more than one app at a time and moving them: The order you pick them up in is the order they will drop. Very useful, if you just want to rearrange apps on the same screen or folder.

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