10 iPhone Features You Should STOP Using Immediately!

10 iPhone features you should not use. There are iPhone features that are useless for most users or even do mare bad than good to your iPhone and overall experience while using your iPhone.

These tips and tricks will help you identify useless features on your iPhone and stop using them.


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  1. Hi man, great videos
    Regarding significant location , I turn it on only due to the fact that it’s required for optimized battery charging to work properly , other than that there is no use for me from this feature 🙂

  2. Another great video ?? If I am not wrong,always listening will just notify you once ? But if it
    did notify you until you do click on to it that would a way better option … ? What do you think ?

  3. I charged my iPhone 11 overnight by accident and it’s 100%. Will my battery start degrading or can I maintain the battery health back between 40% to 80% so that it doesn’t effect the maximum capacity?

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