1. The ULTIMATE Guide to clearing disk space on YOUR PC in Windows 11 & Windows 10
    Make sure to share your results below and any other tips or suggestions!

  2. Man, my pc was running so slow before and I didnt know why until I checked my ssd space. I was scared to Delete anything but this video was well put together!! Thank you 👏🏾👏🏾🔥

  3. Dude thank you so much! Every other video only got rid of like 1 Gb, but this one made me go from 19.3 mega bites to 120 GB, so thank you so much!

  4. It is July 28th, 2023, right now and this didn't work at all I was really hoping for it to work I am a little disappointed maybe it didn't work because My Laptop is an Asus, Laptop I bought it back in 2021 I think but it should've worked also the whole go into your drive and type in SIZE:GIGANTIC and SIZE:HUGE It didn't work at all it said no results I honestly don't understand but I'm very pissed I'm thinking that this only works on Desktops If I'm correct…

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